You can find two types of courses with us:

  1. Basic Game Developer Courses (it's good for beginners)
  2. Premium Game Developer Courses (it's good for advanced)

For Beginners

Our team creates our own free game development courses for beginners.

At the moment, our first course is coming out “GameDev for the Littlest”. Every month we publish 1-2 chapters.

For Advanced

Our automated Bot has learned how to find links to paid courses for game developers on the Internet.

Each month he will send 1 to 4 links to these courses.

<aside> 💡 Advanced courses are only available to VIP subscribers.


<aside> 💡 Links to advanced courses are available for a limited time.


How to get the service?

  1. Go to Bot.
  2. Press the buttons (from Main Menu): 💼 Services → 🎓 GameDev Courses
  3. Read the message from Bot and follow his instructions.