These answers to questions help solve more than 90% of your problems. Please do not ignore them:

  1. Can resources obtained from you be used for commercial purposes? - Any resources may be used for personal and educational purposes only.
  2. I paid for a subscription but I don't have access, what should I do? - If you have already sent a verification request in the Bot, then you don’t need to do anything, just wait. We do not receive money from you instantly, so it may take up to 24 hours to check, this is normal. If you have not done this yet, then use the instructions: Verification Subscription
  3. I have passed verification, but I cannot download resources, what should I do? - We have described this process in detail here: Assets HUB (UE/Unity/3D)
  4. I can't unzip the archive, what should I do? - Some large archives are split into pieces. To unpack them, you need to download all the files. Download program - it is completely free. Next, start unpacking from a file with the extension .zip.001
  5. I have personal assets, how can I share them with you and what do I get for it? - We have described this process in detail here: Share Assets
  6. Can you search for or update a specific asset for me? - Yes, we have such a service. Read more here: Search/Update Assets
  7. I don’t understand how to install this or that asset? - There are no specialized instructions, everything is done by standard methods. You can learn more about them in the official documentation.
  8. I am getting errors when using the asset, what should I do? - First, make sure you unpacked the archive correctly. Second, make sure you have installed the asset correctly. Thirdly, in some cases the asset may be corrupted. Let us know about it, but only if you are sure about it. Usually the first two steps help in more than 90% of cases.